Brutal murder of an animal in Pompeya neighborhood

Friday the Pompeii neighborhood experienced an act of unexpected violence and great brutality. Maximuma dog from the San Juan area at 8,100, was killed by a neighbor.

“What happened is very sad, it has a very serious connotation, it is closely related to violence in general against the weakest,” he said. Elda Boninoprotectionist referent of San Carlos Centro.

“If I have to say how I am, it’s tired,” he said Pilar de la Peña, protectionist. “We always see these situations, only some of them make it to the media, but we see it quite often. We live with mistreatment, we are tired of asking for justice, that something be done, that it not be left to nothing.”

The call was received around 12 midnight on Friday. Neighbors communicated with protectionists, the ecological police and 911. The animal was cared for by the neighbors, sociable with humans and animals. Supposedly, Máximo would have bitten the neighbor, which is why he hit him with his fists and kicks until he let go. Later, he broke the cucha in which he slept and gave him 5 or 6 masses.

“The dog before the first blow falls defenseless. Immediately all the neighbors almost lynched the man. It was an animal that they were used to seeing, that had never bitten or caused problems in the neighborhood. He was very violent and left him in a terminal state. Not satisfied with that, he threatened a neighbor in the neighborhood, who is the one who cares for the animals, that he was going to kill her pets. Tremendous impunity, kills animals and threatens,” commented Pillar to Chain OH!

“What we did was contact two of the largest NGOs in Santa Fe and those with the most career with legal issues. They decided to present themselves separately as plaintiffs in the case. The complaint was made that same night at police station 26, about a person who in the neighborhood is known by the nickname of Peto“, he expressed.

Finally, Bonino remarked that “Justice has to put on its pants. We have to unite to make a great march, a great escrache.”

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