“Buba” with Bjarne Mädel from today on Netflix

I myself am not a big fan of current, German-language film and television productions. Of course it’s all a matter of taste. A dazzling exception for me personally in recent years has been the series “The Crime Scene Cleaner” with Bjarne Mädel. The latter was a highlight in his role as Buba for many viewers in the Netflix original “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”. As of today, you can see him again in that role in the spin-off film “Buba”.

As a reminder, here is the trailer again, maybe it will motivate you to take a look at the film:

The story: Buba’s real name is Jakob Otto and he has a problem: Whenever things go too well for him, something terrible happens shortly afterwards. Since the tragic accidental death of his parents, Jakob has firmly believed that he has to balance out all the good feelings in his life. Together with his brother Dante, he has therefore developed a system to make his everyday life as uncomfortable as possible. It works quite well for more than thirty years, but then something happens that nobody expected: the small-town criminal falls in love. And with Jakob’s feelings, his problems also grow…

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