Build your own and conquer other people’s labyrinths of death in the next major venture from the creators of Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive, best known for the asymmetric horror game Dead by Daylight, is now developing a new project, and earlier this week they unveiled the promising Meet Your Maker.

Here, each player is given an unexplored arena and a source filled with invaluable genetic material. The aim is to protect the genetic material from potential intruders who try to steal it, and to achieve this one has to put together their very own labyrinth of death.

Ready for a new maze.

Behavior Interactive

The labyrinth can be built both up towards the sky and down into the earth, and must be filled with intricate traps and ferocious monsters to succeed.

The reveal trailer (which you can watch above) shows how the various mechanics can be combined to create unique challenges, while a longer deep dive with the developers (below) shows how the construction works in practice.

The invaders to be staggered are none other than other players, and this “raid” mode is Meet Your Maker’s second half.

Here the goal is to get past traps and enemies to reach the source and run away with the genetic material. The tools at your disposal are quite limited in this part of the game, so you have to use cunning and cleverness to anticipate obstacles and outmaneuver the creator of each maze.

Meet Your Maker is expected to come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows sometime in 2023. You can take part in testing the game from August 23 – more info at the game’s website.

A review of Meet Your Maker.

A review of Meet Your Maker.

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