Building a costume with PVC and Forex

When it comes to building a costume cosplay it often happens that you have to spend some time, in the design phase, thinking about which material would be more correct to use to get the result we want. The choice of materials depends a lot on the type of costume cosplay that we want to achieve, if it is a costume tailoring we will obviously have to focus our research on fabrics and trimmings, while if it is about armor or the creation of accessories, it will be very useful know and understand what materials there may be useful, in what way, and with what tools they should be worked.

The materials used by cosplayers to build weapons, accessories and armor are many, and not all of them are born exactly for this purpose, and for this reason it is very important to get to know as many materials as possible and to understand which one is right for us on that particular occasion, because as it is clear that is, not all materials can have the same final performance characteristics.

Some materials like foam, mattress, plastazote and the like, are soft to the touch, and apparently easy to work by hand, others are a little more rigid such as worbla or rubber, but have a different yield and consistency, while wood, aluminum, forex e pvc they are rigid materials, resins, on the other hand, are liquid materials.

pvc e forex

If we speak in general terms, leaving out personal preferences, we would like to emphasize that, to create a costume cosplay there is no better material than another, since each material, as we said, has different characteristics that give it different qualities, defects, uses and processes in order to obtain one result rather than another.

In this article, we would like to tell you about pvc e forex, two materials that are created for uses other than the creation of costumes cosplay, but widely used for this purpose.

Building a costume with PVC and Forex

What is PVC?

The PVC (acronym for Polivinilcloruro) or also polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic, synthetic material (polymer of vinyl chloride) widely used in the world for many purposes since it owes its versatility to the possibility of being mixed with inorganic and plastic compounds of various types that give it elasticity and moldability.

This material, moreover water repellent, is used in many sectors, such as construction, textiles and industry. We have certainly seen it everywhere, and we have an unexpected amount of it even in our home, without perhaps realizing it, in the form of pipes, panels, plates, and parts of various objects.

pvc e forex

What is Forex?

The forex, born in Switzerland about thirty years ago, it is none other than pvc foam, so it too is a light but strong plastic material. It is much more elastic, thermo-formable and easier to sand or shape than the common pvc.

However, being like the latter a rigid and water-repellent material, it lends itself very well to the construction of accessories for a costume cosplay and pieces of armor.

Since the forex it is a material very suitable for direct printing, in today’s world, it is generally used as a leading material for the creation of advertising panels, signs, scenographies and set-ups. It is therefore easily presented in sheets, of a variable thickness between 1mm and 20mm, white, black, or of various colors.

The forex, as the pvc it is a resistant material over time, as it hardly wears, unlike many other materials, and for this reason it is advisable to use it for your accessories cosplay, in order to make them both waterproof and robust and difficult to ruin by bad weather, small bumps, and by the passing years.

Forex e pvc they have a good value for money, compared to other materials such as worbla, resin, aluminum and wood, making them both very convenient materials to use for your accessories, weapons, and pieces of armor cosplay in general.

Pvc e forex, are materials used for a decade in the field of cosplay, precisely because they are very simple to use and have a great final result.

pvc e forex

If our explanation was interesting enough, and you are gods cosplayers get used to using other materials to make yours cosplay, you are wondering: “How can I work pvc e forex? Con what tools? And for which types of pieces are they more or less suitable? “

Here is the answer!

How to work PVC e Forex within cosplay

To cut the sheets or shape them it will be sufficient to use a normal one cutter, (or, if you prefer, a cutter thermal) and sandpaper of various thicknesses, to adjust the imperfections that may arise after cutting or smooth the edges.

For those who prefer to work manually, but with more advanced tools, there is a quick and effective way, which involves the purchase of an electronic tool called Dremel, which will allow you to make cuts, smoothing and incisions at the same time using a single device with interchangeable tips, blades and heads.

As already mentioned above, these materials are thermo-formable, which means that if they are subjected to a high temperature, given by a heat gun for example, they can be bent and shaped at will.

With the exception of shapes that are too rounded or spherical, which can be obtained in an imperfect and laborious way, especially with pvc which is generally less elastic than the forex, and with sheets of thickness exceeding that of 1mm, it will be possible to shape our sheet of forex as we wish.

pvc e forex

Thermoforming these materials is very simple, and if we don’t have the heat gun, we can start with a simple one phon hair dryer from home. Obtaining a good result, in this way, will be possible for the simpler shapes but the processing time will be significantly longer than what we are going to employ with the use of the heat gun.

We recommend that you always be very careful not to burn these materials to avoid generating a release of toxic and dangerous substances. It is also important that, when we heat or sand these materials, we wear a protective mask, because in any case, inhaling the plastic, or its fumes, as with many materials and adhesives, is clearly dangerous and toxic for us.

pvc e forex

To paste pvc e forex it will be enough to use hot glue, Bostik or any adhesive suitable for plastic. To color it, first of all you will need to use a primer, such as an adhesion primer, and then acrylic paints with a brush, spray can or airbrush.

Using pvc e forex, for the realization of ours cosplay, we can create sets to be worn on stage, shoulder straps, greaves, parts of armor, swords and weapons of all kinds with the advantage of obtaining water-repellent, resistant and long-lasting objects.

If we also want to consider the negative effects of these materials, we can say that they are still more difficult to cut, thermo-form and shape than the foam, mat and plastazote, which unlike forex, pvc and similar, are more suitable for jobs where we want to create spherical shapes or where we need to wear an armor or a costume in general, which allows us to have greater mobility, thanks to their flexibility and softness which, unfortunately, the plastic materials in question do not guarantee us.

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