Built the family cat in Morrowind to protect the children from mudcrabs

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind arranges the Nexus Mods website this month a so-called “Modathon” – a competition to create the best modification to Bethesda’s classic role-playing game.

Creative fans have so far submitted over 120 entries, with everything from new buildings and visual changes to useful things like fighting skills. However, one of the cutest modifications goes by the name Stripes the Cat, which gives players their own cat as an assistant.

This is how Stripes the Cat works.

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The “NoUsernamesNotTaken” is behind the creation. The user himself refers to Stripes the Cat as a “modification for toddlers”, and explains that it was originally made to make Morrowind a slightly safer place for the children of “NoUsernamesNotTaken”.

– I made this for my children when they were little. They enjoyed playing, but were terrified of mudcrabs. So I create a helper and protector for those who were based on the family cat.

– He was a stray cat who appeared one day and found himself at ease. He followed us every time we went for a walk with the kids or with the dog. The dog had to be on a leash, but not Stripes. He walked faithfully right next to us everywhere we went. So that way, this modification is realistic.

Stripes the Cat can be downloaded from Nexus Modsand requires that you already have the modification Emma’s Companionable Cats installed. Just like Emma’s cats, you can give Stripes simple commands, but “NoUsernamesNotTaken” has thrown its own twist on this.

– I also added spells that you can throw at Stripes to make him follow you, stay or play. This was a lot more fun and easier for my kids. The formulas are added automatically when you approach the cat.

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