++ Bundestag decides to remove the ban on advertising for abortions ++

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Anna von Stefenelli

Doctors who publicly offer detailed information about abortions have so far had to expect criminal prosecution. The legal basis for this is the highly controversial paragraph 219a of the Criminal Code, which prohibits “advertising for the termination of pregnancy”.

The Bundestag has now decided on the end of the so-called advertising ban for abortions. A majority was already considered safe in advance: Only AfD and Union were strongly opposed to the abolition of Section 219a.

In the future, doctors will be able to provide online information about abortions

In the future, doctors should be able to provide factual information on their website about the fact that they perform abortions and what methods they use to do so. So far, they have had to reckon with criminal prosecution if they make such information publicly available on the Internet.

Numerous people protested against the paragraph.

Numerous people protested against the paragraph.Image: dpa / Daniel Bockwoldt

In addition, physicians who have already been convicted on the basis of Section 219a of the Criminal Code are to be rehabilitated. A new provision in the Introductory Act to the Penal Code annuls all criminal court judgments based on Section 219a StGB that were made after October 3, 1990. Ongoing proceedings are discontinued.

According to the federal government, the strict requirements of the Medicines Advertising Act will continue to ensure that there will be no offensive advertising in connection with abortions.

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