Bungie could soon offer a mobile version of Destiny

It was The Game Post site that discovered the existence of patents filed by Bungie last March. These reveal the existence of a touch control project directly related to Destiny and Destiny 2. If no official announcement confirms the existence of this one, it’s a safe bet that the guardians and their ghosts will soon find a place on your phone screens.

Bungie continues to build on its flagship franchise and is reportedly looking to expand its audience

Since 2014, Bungie, the creators of Halo, have been telling the story of the Guardians as they fight for light against darkness in Destiny. This massively multiplayer looter-shooter has enjoyed undeniable success ever since and for this, the title is regularly updated and renewed. If Destiny 2 has been talked about recently with the announcement of its future expansion Lightfall, the discovery of patents filed by the studio could reveal another big announcement.

In all, no less than six new patents were registered by Bungie in March and published last week. These all target different ways to use touch controls, one of which directly mentions the two titles of the Destiny license. There are also possibilities of assisted aiming or even virtual button options supposed to allow an automatic sprint.

We can qualify this discovery by recalling that many companies file patents every day without necessarily leading to a concrete and commercial use of their creations. However, in this case, it is not the first time that we have heard of a mobile version for Destiny. A rumor of an ongoing project with the Chinese NetEase appeared a few months ago and other multiplayer games have already taken the plunge, like PUBG or Warzone.

Bungie may well want to bring more players to its gaming service by investing in the lucrative mobile market. During the Destiny Showcase in August, the studio announced that it had welcomed 5 million new guardians last year and seems not to want to stop there. Finally, the acquisition by Sony in January was to allow the Japanese firm to take a more important place in multiplatform games. A possible Destiny 2 mobile would therefore be a good way to try the exercise.

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