Bungie finds, sues YouTuber responsible for mass takedowns

In March, Bungie and fans of the shooter Destiny 2 faced a series of unusual copyright complaints. Because there was a series of mysterious DMCA takedowns, but the mystery has now been solved and those responsible have now been sued.

Bungie vs YouTubers and other content creators: That was the picture one could get at first glance. Because the videos of numerous Destiny fans (soundtracks were particularly affected) were blocked by DMCA takedowns in March, these were – it seemed – also sent on behalf of Bungie. However, it quickly became clear that the game studio had nothing to do with it, because the Destiny developer himself was also affected by these warnings.

Pretending to be Bungie out of revenge

It is now clear who was responsible for this, namely a YouTuber named Nick Minor aka “Lord Nazo”. Incidentally, finding the culprit was anything but an easy task, as is currently being taught TorrentFreak can read. The Californian apparently acted out of revenge, because Minor made copyright complaints against 96 other YouTubers out of a takedown against him.

As TheGamePost reported, Bungie partner CSC Global last December sent Minor a lawful DMCA warning that he should remove music from Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. Minor then created an email account similar to CSC’s, which he used to send takedowns against other YouTubers, and an official Bungie account also received such “mail”. More than that: “Lord Nazo” started a “disinformation campaign” on his own channel, according to Bungie. Minor allegedly spread reports of excessive copyright strikes and falsely blamed Bungie for overly aggressive enforcement. In addition, he has spread an exaggerated “manifesto” in which he allegedly quoted other community members who were desperate because of the alleged Bungie action.

Bungie has since settled the matter and has now sued Minor for damages for defamation, fake DMCA takedowns, and (ironically) copyright infringement.

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