Burger King vs. McDonald’s: The kids have a clear favorite – this is how it happens

Burger King and McDonald’s have several products that at first glance look quite similar, but do they taste the same?

We will check if children really taste the difference between five products from the two burger chains: Hamburger, chicken nuggets, french fries, Coca-Cola and Oreo ice cream.

DO THEY TASTE DIFFERENCES? Will the kids be able to taste the difference between five seemingly similar products from Burger King and McDonald’s?

Clear pre-favorite

All four children who are going to blind test the food have a clear pre-favorite: McDonald’s.

– Yes, it tastes best, says Oliver Reitan Jørstadi (8).

But when it comes to tasting, all four get a surprise.

It is not as simple as they had thought to taste the difference between the food from Burger King and McDonald’s.

First out is the burger.

– It tasted very good, says Eirik Holm Dalby (10) about the hamburger from Burger King.

DREAM DAY: Amelia (8) and Oliver (8) did not mind tasting food from Burger King and McDonald's.

DREAM DAY: Amelia (8) and Oliver (8) did not mind tasting food from Burger King and McDonald’s. Photo: Renold T. Christopher / TV 2

At the same time, they get to taste the hamburger from McDonald’s.

– It tasted a little different, he says.

– I liked the burger, but I did not like the cucumber, says Amelia Holm (8).

One of the four liked the McDonald’s burger the best.

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– Tasted exactly the same

Next out are french fries.

These products have been blind tested:

Burger King:

King Fries

Chicken Nuggets


Brus: Coca-Cola

King Fusion Oreo



Chicken McNuggets


Brus: Coca-Cola

McFlurry Oreo

– I really think they tasted the same, except that one was with salt and the other without.

The kids notice that the french fries from Burger King tasted more salty than the one from McDonald’s.

When it comes to chicken nuggets, the panel has even greater difficulty separating the two burger chains.

– This is going to be difficult to explain, because they tasted exactly the same, says Amelia.

– Yes, I liked both equally well, because they tasted exactly the same, says Eirik.

Oreo ice cream is highly valued by all four, and here the panel is divided into which they think tastes best. But, they agree on one thing:

– There is more oreo in one, they say and point to the ice cream from Burger King.

Also at the soda tasting, the panel is divided in two.

New favorite

There will be no clear winner after this blind test, but three out of four must still admit that they have probably got a new favorite.

– I think I have a new favorite… which is Burger King, says Eirik.

– It tasted more than the other, he adds.

Oliver still holds a button at McDonald’s.

– I liked most from there, he says.

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