Burial of Pablo Milanés will take place in Spain

the burning chapelknown in Mexico as wake, of Pablo Milanes has been carried out on the morning of this Wednesday, November 23 since the House of America, located in Madrid, Spain. As a token of appreciation, the relatives of the now-deceased Cuban singer-songwriter allowed public accesswho came to say goodbye.

From an early hour and regardless of the light rain that hit Madrid, fans and friends of Pablo attended the place, where they patiently waited their turn to say goodbye to himwho unfortunately lost his life due to health complications.

They buried Pablo Milanés // Instagram

The singer’s coffin was placed in the elegant Miguel de Cervantes room of Casa de América along with a guitar and a portrait of him.

Some images circulating on the Internet, same as The Truth News bring for you, let us see how people They attended this funeral service to leave some flower arrangementswhich adorned what would be one of the last places where Pablo Milanés would be before reaching his last destination, the pantheon.

Pablo Milanés will be buried in Spain

Funeral of Pablo Milanés // Instagram

The burial of Pablo Libanés will take place in complete privacy.

Federico Perezbrother of the widow of the late Cuban singer-songwriter, revealed to the media present that Pablo Milanés will be buried in Spain, a country that was his home from 2017 until his last days. However, she made it clear that the funeral procession will be carried out in strict privacy and that only his family will be present.

“The family appreciates all the love and respect that all of society and all sectors and the population had for Pablo. All the love that is felt at this moment is deeply appreciated by the family,” he declared. Federico Perezwho took the opportunity to ask for respect in the face of this difficult moment faced by his loved ones.

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Will there be tributes to Pablo Milanés in Cuba?

Pablo Milanes // Instagram

The Cuban singer-songwriter has been fired on social networks with emotional messages.

Regarding the possibility of paying homage to Pablo Milanés from his native Cuba, Federico Pérez indicated that that decision concerns only immediate family members and that it is still too early to talk about this type of issue before your audience.

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