“Burst my rosette”: Sarafina Wollny is portrayed as a raven mother – her godfather bursts her collar

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The screenshot of the story, Sarafina with the twins, Kevin with Silvia Wollny
Kevin Haupt defends Sarafina Wollny on Instagram © Instagram/Sarafina Wollny & Instagram/Kevin Haupt

Sarafina Wollny is currently facing serious allegations. Because she often leaves her boys with Kevin Haupt, she is insulted as a “raven mother”. The twins’ godfather doesn’t want to just accept that!

Ratheim – “Criticism of Sarafina Wollny: does she neglect her twins?” or “Heavy criticism of Sarafina Wollny: does she push her children off to friends too often?” – these are the current headlines about the Wollny daughter (all news on the topic page). Kevin Haupt, the twins’ godfather, is bursting at the seams.

Sarafina Wollny has to face critical questions on Instagram

It all started when Sarafina Wollny (all information about the extended family) was asked on Instagram why her kids were so often with family friend Kevin Haupt and his wife Sari. “Why not?” the twin mum replied simply. After all, Kevin and Sari are the godparents of the two boys. “If you want to spend time with them, you can,” explains Sarafina.

Even if Silvia Wollny’s second oldest daughter has appointments, she can always rely on Kevin. “I don’t know, but I’m not just a godfather on paper,” the 32-year-old intervened. This could be the end of the story – if the media hadn’t gotten involved.

The media pick up on the story: “Criticism of Sarafina Wollny: Is she neglecting her twins?”

Numerous news portals report how Sarafina Wollny allegedly neglects her twins. This is particularly annoying for Kevin Haupt. He posts an excerpt of the headlines on his Instagram story and comments: “That really breaks my rosette! […] When I read ‘neglected’, I want to throw up.” Sarafina Wollny reposts the story. So both think: it’s completely normal for the kids to spend time with their godfather!

Sarafina recently gave an insight into her pregnancy with the twins. The Wollny daughter revealed on Instagram that she could hardly walk at that time. Sources used: Instagram/Sarafina Wollny

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