Bushido documentary revealed – Bumbum at Bambi

Rapper packs in six episodes Bushido (43) off. About his life and his underground entanglements. The trial against clan boss Abou-Chaker has made the headlines in recent years. What really happened between the friends who became enemies?

Now Bushido wants to describe his very own view of the crime novel again. With the new documentary series “Uncensored – Bushido’s Truth”, which starts on Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

But not only Anis Ferchichi, as the musician’s real name is called, opens up. His wife Anna-Maria (40) also has a say. And reveals: It is not her husband who Arafat Abou-Chaker has to fear most.

About the head of the clan, who is said to have threatened her family, she says in the documentary. “I would have fought him too.”

Bushido indicates how seriously this is meant. About a meeting of himself, Anna-Maria and Abou-Chaker in a restaurant, he says: “He didn’t dare to look at them.”

The police also see a threatening situation for the couple, who are currently in triplets: Bushido and Anna-Maria have been under police protection for three years. The artist himself was repeatedly in conflict with the law.

Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria have been married since 2012Photo: Ufuk Ucta

Review: “At the end of 2017 I decided to change my life for my family,” Bushido told BILD. “On the day the LKA was in our children’s room, I said: That’s it.”

Then he ended the collaboration with his business partner Abou-Chaker. To be more precise, however, it was Anna-Maria again who is said to have drawn the line.

The new documentary reveals, as she wrote in an SMS Abou-Chaker: “Watch out, it doesn’t work like this anymore. You hit my husband, you locked him up, you threatened him, you blackmailed him. I will put you in jail. “

In 2010 they got along very well: Today rapper Bushido (right) is taking legal action against his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker

In 2010 they got along very well: Today rapper Bushido (right) is taking legal action against his former business partner Arafat Abou-ChakerFoto: picture alliance / Eventpress Sc

She stands by him, no matter what happens. Even Bushido’s previous wrongdoing, which he relates, did not destroy their love. “I behaved very unfairly towards my wife,” the rapper told BILD. “I hit her. I was just stupid. “

Bushido reveals Bambi’s sex secret

From the beginning, Anna-Maria did not leave his side. In February 2011 it sparked between Anna-Maria and Bushido at a party. In 2012 wedding, in the same year, daughter Aaliyah was born.

In the Amazon documentary, Bushido reveals perhaps his slipperiest secret: “Our oldest daughter Aaliyah was more than planned. We worked on it for a long time. Sometimes even at the Bambi, during the event. “

At the Bambi Awards 2011 it was hot between Bushido and his Anna-Maria

At the Bambi Awards 2011 it was hot between Bushido and his Anna-MariaFoto: imago stock&people

Sex with Bambi! Bushido and Anna-Maria were guests at the award ceremony in November 2011. The fact that the artist, who was often involved in scandals at the time, won an integration award caused controversy. But apparently it was even more heated behind the stage …

After Aaliyah there were four more children. And now: triplets! Less than two weeks ago, Bushido and Anna-Maria became parents again. The rapper revealed to BILD: “I’m just overwhelmed and feel today more than ever that the family is the most important thing in our life.”

Strong addition to the family: The Ferchinis show their newborn triplets

Strong addition to the family: The Ferchichis show their newborn tripletsPhoto: bush1do/Instagram

It was a long way to get there. Bushido and his wife were accompanied by the documentary team for two years, until the start of his court process in August 2020. These were the most intense years in his life.

The documentary series “Uncensored – Bushido’s Truth” is produced by Content Factory. Like BILD, the Content Factory production company belongs to Axel Springer SE.

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