Bushido’s wife – Mama Mia, Anna-Maria!

Just wow!

Soon the time will come: Anna-Maria Ferchichi (39) will have her triplets in a few weeks. Shortly before the ninth month, the wife of Bushido (43) now shares a snapshot of her XXL baby ball.

Your children grow up in this belly. In addition: a comparison of her belly before pregnancy, at that time still with Mucki sixpack.

About the before and after photo, Anna-Maria writes on Instagram: “Only a few more days and I’m in my 9th month. The sport helped me to get through this physically stressful time without pain! Carrying three babies to term is a phenomenon for me and I still can’t quite realize it. ”

Anna-Maria reveals in her Insta story: Her tough sports program helped her with the pregnancyPhoto: anna_maria_ferchichi / Instagram

Bushido and Anna-Maria have been together for 10 years.  They already have four children together: Aaliyah (9), Djibrail and Laila (both 8) and Issa (6)

Bushido and Anna-Maria have been together for ten years. They already have four children together: Aaliyah (9), Djibrail and Laila (both 8) and Issa (6). Anna-Maria has another son from a previous relationshipPhoto: anna_maria_ferchichi / Instagram

Her husband, rap star Bushido (bourgeois Anis Ferchichi) also thinks: “A miracle of nature.” A good two weeks ago, he posted a loving clip of his beautiful wife on Instagram and expressed his father’s anticipation.

After a ruptured bladder, it only looked in August that one of the three girls would not make it. Then in September the relief: The “problem child” had stabilized medically. The couple hope that the three girls will soon be born healthy.

“The children are fine, the tide has turned completely. As of now, all babies are stable, cared for and will hopefully be born healthy, ”Anna-Maria told BILD Live last week exclusively.

Bushido added that he has great respect for the efforts associated with Anna-Maria’s triplet pregnancy: “I wouldn’t want to swap for anything in the world, but you’re good at having children.”

The rapper and his heavily pregnant wife spoke more openly than ever and in complete privacy at BILD about their lives and therapy and gave insights into their new documentary “uncensored – Bushido’s truth”.

The family was followed by cameras for two years. Anna-Maria: “We’ll show you our life with all its ups and downs. Once we open the curtain and then it is closed again ”.

From November 26th, fans can stream the documentary on Amazon Prime Video in Germany and Austria. There will be six episodes.

The documentary series “Uncensored – Bushido’s Truth” is produced by Content Factory. Like BILD, the production company Content Factory belongs to Axel Springer SE.

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