But how come the final year students are already taking the baccalaureate tomorrow?

But how come the final year students are already taking the baccalaureate tomorrow?

– It’s already the baccalaureate!

− Non ?

– Yes!

− The ferry in March?

− Yes, the spring baccalaureate.

Like many French people immersed in the drama of our pension crisis that has become a diet crisis and not having the chance to have children in their final year, the information may have escaped you. But the school is nevertheless experiencing a historic moment: for the first time since Napoleon, the major exams for the baccalaureate, this educational totem supposed to propel our children into the adult world, will not take place at the summer solstice. But at the vernal equinox. It should be noted that these are not all the baccalaureate exams, just the so-called specialty exams (EDS) – philosophy and the Grand oral remaining scheduled in June. However, these two tests weigh for a third of the final mark of the baccalaureate and their early arrival naturally puts pressure on our high school students.

“On Parcoursup, as on TikTok, teenagers no longer have the right to be average”

How to explain this sudden seasonal disruption? Anticipation of a scorching summer? The fear of physical failures in the examination room? No, on the contrary, it is a return to normal, or rather a promise finally fulfilled. The anticipation of the baccalaureate specialty tests was indeed one of the great innovations of the high school reform launched by Jean-Michel Blanquer at the request of Emmanuel Macron in 2018. With a simple and understandable objective: to restore value and importance to the good old baccalaureate, national and anonymized, in

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