But not a model: Danni Büchner’s daughter Jada has big job plans after graduating from high school

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Of: Jonas Erbas

Jada Karabas, the daughter of “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Danni Büchner, has finally turned 18. She has since given up her desire to be a model. Instead, she aspires to a career where she can “help people in difficult situations.”

Palma – Danni Büchner (44) is extremely proud of her children: Since the death of Jens Büchner († 49), who died in autumn 2018 as a result of lung cancer, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant has been able to get through her patchwork family alone . Jada Karabas (18), her second eldest daughter, came of age on November 24 and is now gradually fledged. She no longer wants to be a model – instead, she should go to university first!

Jada Karabas turns 18 – the daughter of “Goodbye Germany” star Danni Büchner wants to go to university

Jada Karabas celebrated her 18th birthday on the night from Friday (November 25) to Saturday (November 26) with her loved ones and closest friends and posted numerous snapshots and video recordings of her party on Instagram. But the 18-year-old can not only celebrate exuberantly, she also recently revealed that she wants to pursue serious career plans soon.

It’s crazy how time flies: Danni Büchner’s daughter Jada Karabas turned 18. She has since given up her plans to become a model. Instead, she wants to study (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Jada Karabas & Screenshot/Instagram/Danni Büchner

Not so long ago, Jada Karabas announced that she wanted to be a model – a classic girl’s dream. She has now rejected him, as she did bild.de betrayed. After graduating from school, the daughter of the famous “Goodbye Germany” emigrant would like to enroll at a university: “I am now in my last year of school before my Abitur exam, which will take place in May. I would actually be the first in the Büchner clan to graduate from high school and would therefore also be the first to study. I hope that everything works out the way I want it to.”

Then Büchner holds an unpleasant jungle camp record:

In 2020, Danni Büchner went to Australia for “I’m a star – get me out of here!”, where the 44-year-old set an unchallenged record to date: RTL viewers voted for her in every test that was voted on by phone could – believe it or not, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant had to undergo a disgust test twelve times. In the end she took third place behind DSDS star Prince Damien (31) and boxer Sven Ottke (55).

Jada Karabas would like to become a lawyer – soon separation from Mama Danni Büchner?

Jada Karabas already knows exactly which direction she wants to take: “I intend to study law. In Spain you have to choose another field of study, I want to study ‘law and business management’. The reason I chose my degree was because I always had the desire to help people and, as a lawyer, you can help people in difficult situations.” Her goal of becoming a lawyer is also due to the fact that she “likes” to discuss with her mother Danni Büchner.

This is not an easy situation for the 44-year-old, because her 18-year-old daughter wants to “leave the island” for her upcoming studies. Jada Karabas is focused on her career aspirations – she doesn’t really have much time for distractions, she believes: “I’m single and plan to stay so for the foreseeable future.” Her mother, however, remains true to her image – and reliably takes care of it Headlines: Danni Büchner recently labeled “Celebrity Big Brother” participant Valentina as “asocial”. Sources used: bild.de

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