But why didn’t the first iPhone have a copy-and-paste feature?

It’s been 15 years since the first iPhone came out of Apple’s hat. Revolutionary for the time, the smartphone was however orphan of certain features such as copy and paste. Engineer Ken Kocienda has just revealed the reason.

No copy-paste on the iPhone 2G – Credit: Apple

The arrival of the iPhone 2G in 2007 was a real shock wave on the mobile phone market. And the craze for headed smartphones has continued to grow with new iterations. Currently, all eyes are on the future iPhone 14, of which here is a summary of all the rumors. In 15 years, technical progress has enabled Apple to produce ever more sophisticated smartphones, both in hardware and software.

Revolutionary for the time, the first iPhone did not, however, offer a copy-and-paste feature. Notable engineer behind the design of the smartphone, Ken Kocienda took advantage of the phone’s fifteenth anniversary to unveil the reason for this lack. According to him, the engineers simply did not have time to implement the famous copy-paste on the iPhone 2G, being too busy creating the virtual keyboard and its automatic correction system.

iPhone: the difficult integration of copy-paste

After the release of the iPhone, thrown upstream by Steve Jobs to impress journalists, Kocienda and others finally got down to business. It took them a while before they could deploy massively. functionality. The engineer emphasizes that he had the idea of ​​setting up the famous “magnifying text magnifying glass”. This allowed users to know exactly where they were pointing the text cursor. Despite this magnifying glass, however, the cursor did as it pleased and scattered between the characters when the user raised his finger.

In response, Kocienda had to develop a “touch history log” intended exclusively for text editing. A system that would automatically identify where the user had placed their finger a few milliseconds after the last touch. Enough to leave the cursor in the desired area. Finally, the copy-paste was introduced in the operating system “iPhone OS 3.0” deployed in 2009. An OS compatible with the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

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Source : 9to5mac

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