Butcher loved Farm animals – reveals new move

The farm slaughter has become a tradition that creates reactions, regardless.

The discussion is often divided, either one thinks it is good that TV viewers get an insight into where “the food actually comes from”, or one thinks it is objectionable that you slaughter an animal to create some kind of entertainment in a reality program .

In Tuesday’s episode, it becomes clear that the slaughter will come already in the third week on the farm.

The episode is already out on TV 2 Play and is broadcast on TV 2 Direkte at 9.40pm.

GET READY: Pastor Erlend Indergaard (53) and Bente Rabba (54) were both told to work on the part of the weekly assignment that involves the slaughter. Here they make a suspension for the sheep to hang in, after it has been killed. Photo: Anton Soggiu

Uses everything from brain to fur

Some of the participants become very sad that the sheep Rusken must die, while others take the weekly assignment with determination.

Rusken is one of the sheep with horns, and participants Maymona Mohamed (26) and Erlend Indergaard (56) are among those who have frequent conversations with the cuddly, furry animal.

In this year’s slaughter episode, there is a particular focus on using the whole animal.

In previous seasons, the butcher week mission has been about making specific dishes and extracting specific parts of the animal.

This year, however, there is a plan for all parts of the animal, at all stages of production.

– As much as possible of the animal was used for useful purposes after slaughter on the farm. The meat was used for food in the weekly assignment, the entrails were given to the participants, the brains were used for tanning, bones for bone flutes and skins were used for fur boas, says TV 2’s press manager, Jan-Petter Dahl.

This happens with the “leftovers”

Dahl is asked why slaughtering is included this year again, as it always receives criticism from some TV viewers.

– In Farmen, we take the participants and viewers back to farm life as it was in Norway 100 years ago. At the time, slaughtering was a natural part of farming.

As always, there are parts of the animal that the participants are not allowed to eat themselves. If we are to believe the press manager, this will also be well taken care of.

– The meat made in the weekly mission was given to the owner of the animal, the same with the boa and other excess fur.

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