Buy Xbox: You can now order the Xbox Series X at Amazon & Media Markt

After a few days of being more difficult to buy an Xbox Series X at the regular price, the Microsoft console is currently available to order on both Amazon and Media Markt. Amazon states Friday, June 24th as the delivery time, while Media Markt states June 30th – July 2nd. names. Media Markt offers a few additional options. The prices are identical: Both the world’s largest online retailer and the online shop of the electronics chain offer the Xbox Series X for 499.99 euros.

Buy Xbox: Xbox Series X availability (buy now €499.99)check

Xbox Series X available at o2

At the Mobile operator o2 lets the Xbox Series X order in connection with an o2 Grow contract with 40+ GB data volume. According to o2, the console is “available immediately”. The prices differ depending on the tariff.

Available again and even cheaper: Govee DreamView makes the TV picture appear much larger

Govee DreamView makes the TV picture appear much larger.

Source: Govee/Amazon

According to our statistics, it is THE hit among PC games readers, the Govee DreamView TV backlight, which makes the picture on your TV appear much larger. The coveted device was not available for weeks, but now you can order it again from Amazon and save 8 euros thanks to a discount campaign. You only pay 69.29 euros for the Govee Immersion Kit instead of 77.99 euros. The “technical miracle” works so easily: You attach the LED Lightstrip to the back of the television, place the ColorSense camera and the TV image information is projected in real time via the Lightstrip onto the wall. Quasi “Ambilight for retrofitting”, which ensures a more intensive game or film experience and a subjectively perceived enlargement of the TV picture.

Buy an Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access: Get Xbox Series X + Xbox Games Pass Ultimate instantly and pay off over 24 months.

Xbox All Access: Get Xbox Series X + Xbox Games Pass Ultimate instantly and pay off over 24 months.

Source: Cyberport

Readers write to us almost every day who desperately want to buy an Xbox Series X without a usury surcharge. And we quickly discover that these people have never heard of the Xbox All Access offer. Therefore we want to present it again at this point. With Xbox All Access you can get an Xbox Series X in no time (we’ll tell you where it’s available in a moment). The package also includes the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gaming flat rate. You pay 32.99 euros/month for a period of 24 months – the principle is comparable to a smartphone that you buy with a two-year contract. After 24 months, the Xbox X is paid off and you can keep it. We got out the calculator: Overall, Xbox All Access costs 791.16 euros. Individually, you would pay €499 for the console (if you could get one) and an additional €311.76 (24 x €12.99) for two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In total, that’s 810.76 euros. With Xbox All Access you immediately get an Xbox Series X plus the extremely useful Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and pay less for it than if you bought it individually. Yes, we think the deal is so good that we were happy to point it out again. And with Cyberport we have also found a retailer where the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access is available from stock.

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Current game releases for Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S)

Amazon is the #1 address to buy an Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X sales are the largest at Amazon, the online giant does not even open its sales floodgates because of a few hundred consoles. In order to be successful at Amazon, you should definitely be a Prime customer. Because with the last Xbox X drops you could only order if you had a Prime membership. Amazon Prime (incl. Prime Video, Prime delivery, Prime Music, etc.) can be tested for 30 days free of charge. If you want to continue using Prime afterwards, you pay EUR 7.99 per month or EUR 69 per year.

Xbox Series X and accessories

Xbox Series S: What are the differences to the Xbox Series X?

While the Xbox Series X has been mostly sold out and hard to come by since its release on November 10, 2020, the sister model is a different story. The Xbox Series S is almost universally available from Amazon, for example. But why is that? Why does demand seem so much lower here? Well, unlike its “big brother”, the Series S doesn’t have a disc drive, so it’s completely geared towards digital content. It has a 512 GB SSD installed (instead of 1TB in the Series X), and the graphics performance is weaker. The Series S maxes out at native 1440p resolution (and upscales to 4K UHD), while the Series X outputs games natively in 4K UHD (2560p). However, all Xbox Series games run on both the X and S, so it’s 100% compatible and also significantly cheaper. While you shell out 499 euros for the Xbox Series X (theoretically), the Xbox Series S only costs 299 euros. It is currently available from Amazon for only 269.99 euros – and of course it can be delivered.

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