Buy your Samsung Odyssey G5 screens by the kilo, it costs less!

News good plan Buy your Samsung Odyssey G5 screens by the kilo, it costs less!

It is well known that it is better to buy in large quantities to reduce the invoice price. Except that it is rarely possible to do so at the high-tech level. Except this time, at Rue du Commerce, with this well-thought-out promo that lowers the price of our 27-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 two-screen setup.

This is how the batch of two Samsung screens goes from €558 to €529, or €264 per screen if we divide by 2.

Buy the two Samsung Odyssey G5 screens at €529 at Rue du Commerce

This nice promotion is well found on the part of Rue du Commerce, because beyond the effect “I buy my gaming monitors in packs of twelve, have you seen? », it can be pleasant to benefit from the same delivery for its setup dual screen, especially if you want consistent quality for your desktop display.

Samsung Odyssey G5: the best-selling 27-inch gaming-oriented

Moreover, Rue du Commerce does not offer this price reduction on a product unknown to the battalion. The virtues of the Samsung Odyssey G5 are no longer really to be demonstrated:

  • 27-inch WQHD panel (2560 x 1440)
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Premium FreeSync Technology
  • 1000R curved screen
  • HDMI/DisplayPort connectors

Samsung has long acquired the expertise to deliver very well finished and durable screens for our PC gamers. This is still the case with this Odyssey G series, which comes with the qualities that are expected of this type of monitor.

High refresh rate for a maximum FPS rate, minimum response time, FreeSync Premium technology to synchronize as closely as possible to your GPU’s image stream, everything is there to optimize one thing: gaming.

Obviously, who can do more can do less, everything you do on your PC, namely working or watching videos, will be magnified on the 1440p WQHD panel. Or rather should I say, them slabs.

Set of two G5s at Rue du Commerce: twice the pleasure

With such a dual configuration, you will therefore mathematically benefit from 54 inches of uniform quality pleasure, and you will be able to play and watch streaming at the same time, on your right or left screen or vice versa.

As both screens are curved at 1000R, you will be able to have a nice curve to maximize your visual comfort. But that’s not all.

Because if ultra-wide monitors are on the rise, they carry with them a major flaw compared to setups dual screen. Indeed, if your ultra-wide screen fails you, it’s over, you’re good to change all your setupwhile if you have two screens, you can possibly replace only one to limit the costs.

It is therefore a good boon for users eyeing a setup with two screens, but who also want to play games. They will have a discount for the purchase of the two best gamer screens of the moment, and this only at Rue du Commerce.

Buy the two Samsung Odyssey G5 screens at €529 at Rue du Commerce

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