Buying a solar system: These are the advantages and disadvantages – provider at a glance

  • How many private solar systems is there in Germany?
  • Who has the provider of photovoltaic systems tested?
  • As was tested?
  • Weche Advantages and disadvantages do the individual providers have?

solar power is one of the Hopefuls to the Achieving the climate goals. Of the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) goes in one study assume that Photovoltaic systems (PV systems) on only 2.5 percent of the area of ​​Germany are necessary to the To create the energy transition. Roofs, including those of private houses, offer lots of potential. According to Analysis of the Bonn consulting company EUPD Research already have 1.3 million of the good 16 million single and two-family houses in Germany via one PV system. 89 percent of the buildings are unused. For the Homeownerdealing with the Mind play, self solar power has to produce, the joint electromobility portal of Chip and Focus Online, PV providers tested.

This is how the solar systems were tested

According to will be especially private rooftop photovoltaic systems More and more popular. Private solar power producers do not just do one decisive contribution to the Climate protection. Usually amortize the systems expand after a few years and generate financial gains. Because the Infeed of electricity in the public network forgiven.

To at a PV system Interested the Purchase decision has to facilitate independent and neutral Tests carried out. According to the Internet portal, the rating is based on several pillars of information.

On the one hand, experts have Contract details and online configurators compared. On the other hand, the Results from product testing organizations included in Europe and Germany. In the third pillar have the authors Consumer feedback captured and analyzed, both direct Product reviews as well as extensive written feedback.

The providers at a glance

We have the most important facts from the test report summarized:

  • Zolar: The Berlin company has developed its own online configurator. The installation of the PV systems is carried out by in-house technical teams or regional partners. Plus: no initial investment necessary, individual and brand-independent solar system configuration; Disadvantage: particularly appeals to internet-savvy customers
  • DZ-4: The Hamburg provider, which belongs to the Baden-Wrttemberg energy supplier EnBW, has specialized in the rental of solar systems. Plus: no investment costs and fixed rental price, affordable monthly costs, construction, insurance and maintenance included; Disadvantage: long contract term
  • Klarsolar: The relatively young market player from Leimen offers both the purchase and rental of solar systems. With this provider, too, you can plan your system with the help of an online configurator. Plus: Brand and location-independent advice, fixed price guarantee, up to ten years warranty and up to two years insurance included; Disadvantage: rather appeals to internet-savvy customers
  • Yello Solar: As the name suggests, the provider is a sister company of Yello Strom and, like DZ-4, also belongs to EnBw. Yello Solar leases PV systems. Plus: free repair, maintenance and replacement of defective components, no investment costs, fixed rental rates; Disadvantage: long contract term, no purchase or financing option
  • Aroundhome: The company acts as an intermediary for solar systems. The goal of the Berliners is to bring online customers together with offline specialist companies “in order to achieve the best result”. Plus: Brokerage of rental solar systems, used solar systems, solar tiles, online configurator; Disadvantage: only mediation, no provider
  • Enpal: According to, the Berlin company is the largest rental company for solar systems. Plus: no investment costs, online configurator, affordable monthly costs; Disadvantage: long contract term, rent only
  • E.ON: With the help of the solar calculator on the website, an offer can be made on the basis of the entered data. Advice is provided by local experts. Plus: Installation of a solar system plus charging station possible, favorable conditions, short contract period; Disadvantage: No rental option, one-time investment costs due
  • Entega: The Darmstadt-based Kostrom provider is a subsidiary of HEAG Holding AG and has been renting solar energy systems since 1999. Plus: Fast planning and installation, no initial investment costs, short contract period; Disadvantage: no brand-independent advice

The enterprise Natural power is in that Test report still cited, but according to the update from it is now out of business Roof-top solar systems got out. One wants to next to the core business, so the delivery with sustainable energy as well as the construction of Wind and solar parks, concentrate more on sector coupling solutions, the internet portal quotes the company. Existing customers will continue to be looked after. You can do the full test here read.

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