BVB player before Dortmund-Aus – on vacation he consoles himself with a model girlfriend

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Recovery instead of training is currently the order of the day for BVB players. © Revierfoto via Kirchner-Media

The BVB players are enjoying their vacation before the 2022/23 season. One of them shows himself to be in love with his girlfriend. The lady is no stranger. Here the information:

Dortmund – While the black and yellow transfers are in full swing, the football professionals are recovering from last season. For a defender, Borussia Dortmund’s days could be numbered. Despite this, he enjoys himself in the sun. RUHR24 knows who the prominent woman is alongside BVB player Nico Schulz and what hobby Mats Hummels’ colleague has discovered for himself.

Nico Schulz himself has also commented on a possible change. His previous record at Borussia Dortmund is rather sobering.

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