ByN formalizes the conversations to renew Amor, Solari and Gil

Good news comes from the Monumental stadium after a new board meeting of Blanco y Negro. After hours of conversations, unanimously, there is good news for everyone.

Through its president, Edmundo Valladares, they formalized the interest in renewing the contracts of Emiliano Amor, Pablo Solari and Leonardo Gil, three fundamental pillars in Gustavo Quinteros’ scheme.

“We have had a very good board meeting, we have been able to analyze and talk about this very good sporting performance and that has Colo Colo at the top, in addition to women’s football fighting to reach the semifinals and young football that returned. All this reflects very well what we want to achieve “, he expressed.

He further added that, “We have been able to specify several challenges that we had for this year, but we do not want to stay there, but we want to go further. In this line I want to inform that unanimously seek the renewals of Emiliano Amor, Pablo Solari and Leonardo Gil, as well as we started conversations with Gustavo Quinteros to lead the Colo Colo project because we want them to continue giving joy to the institution and to all the people “.

Three renovations are coming in Colo Colo

Finally he added that, “Regarding the renovations, we have had a fairly silent work and we hope that we can conclude several commercial agreements as soon as possible to have new resources to be able to ensure the continuity of this entire group.”

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