C to You: Mohamed Bouhafsi forced to leave the set, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine says more (VIDEO)

This Monday, November 21, in C to you on France 5, Mohamed Bouhafsi left the set after the first advertising break. It was Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine who revealed the reason for her absence before receiving her guests of the day.

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From Monday to Friday, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is at the helm of his show C to you broadcast on France 5. With her team of columnists, she deciphers the news and receives guests to talk with them about their projects. Thus, recently, she exchanged with Benoit Poelvoorde For the movie colors of fire in which he plays alongside Clovis Cornillac. And as much to say that his behavior annoyed her. ” Can Léa speak dear Benoît?” she told him. To which he replied: “No, that’s too easy. You will say that it is still me who monopolizes the floor! Lea can speak“.

Mohamed Mohafsi not in top form on the set of C to you

This Monday, November 21, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine started her show as usual. Each of its columnists presented their topic of the day. When speaking, the voice of Mohamed Bouhafsi played tricks on him. Sick, the former journalist on RMC somehow introduced his column. “Take care of your voice from here later“, then advised the presenter to him. A little later, the journalist returned to the set to talk about these millions of cracked houses in France because of the drought. Again, it is with difficulty that he spoke up, his voice hoarse, and he even felt like coughing.

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If you’re wondering where his voice went…

Matthew Belliard then presented his column. He thus returned to the second edition of the defenders of childhood tournament which took place on Sunday November 20 at the Parc des Princes. 240 children were present, as well as supporters, such as the Minister of Sports, Amelie Oudea-Castera. Mohamed Bouhafsi was also there, at the initiative of this sporting event. “If you’re wondering where his voice went, here’s the moment everything changed, filmed by Camille Schmitt“, then launched Matthieu Belliard. The viewers could see the journalist sets the mood in the stadium by shouting into his microphone. “There is not just that. It was cold too“, he justified himself after the broadcast of the subject. After the first advertising break, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine made an announcement. Mohamed went for treatment. He’s not allowed to speak until healing ensues“, did she say.

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