CABA: driver’s licenses will be disabled due to positive breathalyzer test

The Chief of Cabinet of the City of Buenos Aires, Felipe Miguel, announced today, through his Twitter account, that driver’s licenses will be disabled in the district due to a positive breathalyzer test and announced that the practical driving tests will be carried out. on the streets with “real traffic”.

“In CABA the license will be disabled for a positive breathalyzer test,” Miguel wrote, referring to one of the points of the “Comprehensive Road Coexistence Project.”

It is worth mentioning that in the district the maximum tolerated blood alcohol limit is 0.5 g / l for private vehicles, 0.2 g / l for motorcyclists and 0.0 g / l for beginners and professional drivers.

Regarding another measure, Miguel announced: “The practical exams to obtain the driving license in CABA will be done on the streets with real traffic.”

The two points previously mentioned are part of the so-called “Comprehensive Road Coexistence Project”, which was presented days ago and which is intended to be sanctioned in the Buenos Aires Legislature before the parliamentary replacement on December 10.

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