Cable car Hörl in front of the ÖVP-U committee

As the second person to provide information after Court of Auditors President Margit Kraker, Franz Hörl (ÖVP) is currently being questioned in the ÖVP U-Committee. The member of parliament, cable car spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce and hotelier should provide information on the CoV funding that he received in the course of the pandemic. The Federal Covid-19 Financing Agency (COFAG) will therefore again be part of the survey.

The member of parliament Franz Hörl Winkler

Hörl was already invited at the end of September and could no longer be interviewed at the time due to lack of time. Today he said at the beginning of his questioning that he didn’t see any reason why he was being invited anyway. The reason for this could well be that Hörl made a profit of 390,000 euros in the 2020 pandemic year, according to the SPÖ, of which 155,000 came from the tax pot. According to the SPÖ, no one wants to be pilloried, and Hörl should not be made better or worse, said SPÖ parliamentary group leader Kai Jan Krainer. Based on the funds that have flowed, you can see from the example of Hörl what went wrong with the CoV aid.

It quickly became apparent that Hörl’s questioning could be difficult: ÖVP parliamentary group leader Andreas Hanger initiated a debate on the rules of procedure even before answering the first question. Hörl, however, had to answer the question of a campaign donation to the ÖVP 2017 as part of the “Ballhausplatz project” after a loud protest. He could not rule out a donation as a private individual or one of his companies, but never expected a specific return service.

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