Cacique fans make a great hotel in Curicó prior to the Chile Cup

Colo Colo is already in the Maule region ready and concentrated for what will be tomorrow’s duel in the final of the Chile Cup. A key where the white box has the possibility of adding the two-time championship in this contest, as long as he manages to win over the rival on duty, Everton de Viña del Mar.

And it is that the popular box does not stop receiving the affection of its fans prior to what will be the duel against the gold and sky box. During the night of this Friday, a large number of fans came to the concentration hotel where the popular is staying to deliver the last support prior to the game.

The support of the Albos fans has been felt at all times, where the players have accompanied and thanked the displays of affection in each of the cities, giving back with some videos on social networks.

Colo Colo and Everton will face each other this Saturday at the Talca Prosecutor’s Office starting at 4:30 p.m. Follow all the special coverage of the final of the Chile Cup in the style of DaleAlbo.

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