Cairo, Vagnati, Ludergnani: seeing what Spring in Philadelphia? Enough Biella, let her go home

At the Filadelfia, in front of 2,000 fans, the Primavera of Turin puts on a show. Coppitelli: “This year we have always played away from home”

Coppitelli played down the matter but the impression, which more than someone had, is that if the Primavera had played at Philadelphia, perhaps she would not have qualified for the playoffs anyway, but she would certainly have had a few more points in the standings. Turin yesterday dominated Atalanta third in the standings and in the race for second place: they won 2-0, but the game could also have ended 4-0 due to the opportunities created (including two goal posts). She was carried away by the goals of Zanetti And Gineitis but above all by the warmth of the 2,000 fans present in the stands, despite the match being played at 4 pm on a weekday.

Throughout the season, Torino were the only team in the Primavera league to always have to play away. And it is not sarcasm: it is the reality of the facts, that too Coppitelli he underlined with the same words at the end of the game. Each home match was compulsorily prepared and organized as a real trip, with round trips by bus (over 80 kilometers separate Turin from Biella to be traveled almost all on state roads and consequent traffic) and without the fans. And to think that there is not a single team in Italy, at the Primavera level, that is followed by so many fans and with so much warmth: a passion that Turin has deprived of this year by going to play in another. city, away from home.

“The team deserved such a day. I wanted the team to play here, anyone passing through the Primavera del Toro must experience Filadelfia, it’s a special place “ Coppitelli also declared at the end of the game. Yesterday he was not in the stands to watch Torino-Atalanta Cairo but they were there Ludergnani And Vagnati: since they arrived it was the first time that the two managers have been able to attend a Primavera match in Philadelphia, that they have been able to see and feel the passion of the fans. Who knows if they imagined such an atmosphere, which is very different from the one around the Primavera della Spal. Probably they will also have understood a little more why we insist on the importance of the Primavera coming home: if next year there will not be the possibility of letting them always play at Filadelfia (between always and never you can still find a way middle), at least let it play in Turin or in some municipality of the first belt. Enough Biella, at Pozzo-La Marmora let the Biellese play.

Primavera Torino 2021/2022 celebrates at Filadelfia
Primavera Torino 2021/2022 celebrates at Filadelfia

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