Call of Duty authors present Ricochet – new anti-cheat for Warzone and Vanguard

Yesterday the creators Call of Duty threatened the lovers of foul play, and now presented his initiative to combat cheaters – Ricochet Anti-Cheatto be used in Warzone and the coming Vanguard.

This developer initiative offers a comprehensive approach to finding and combating cheaters, as well as improving account protection and more. “Server” functions of the anti-cheat promise to launch to the start Call of Duty: Vanguard, that is, on November 5, after which they will be integrated into Warzone, with the release of a new map – an island in the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to server-side improvements, Ricochet will offer a new driver for PC installation, and it will be launched for Warzone first. The driver will help find cheaters, improving overall server security. It will be used in Warzone also with the release of the Pacific map, and sometime later in Vanguard.

The driver will allow you to track programs that try to interact with and manipulate the game files, while Warzone can only be played after it has been installed (of course, when it appears). The driver will run only thenwhen you play Warzone on PC, and turn offwhen you close the game. In addition, the driver only monitors Call of Duty-related processes.

Thus, the development team will receive more data related to suspicious behavior and, over time, improve protection against cheaters in general. At the same time, the authors tested the new driver, trying to achieve stable operation of the maximum number of PCs. Once released, testing and improvement will continue.

The developers note that gamers also play an important role in the fight against cheaters. Activision is asking everyone to turn on two-factor authentication and report suspicious players who may or appear to be using cheats.

In addition, machine learning is very important – algorithms study data from servers, helping to find suspicious behavior and thereby adding another layer of Ricochet security.

Recall that the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard will take place on November 5 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. Recently, the developers presented a story trailer dedicated to the heroes and the villain, and the writers announced that they would like to create two sequels to the new story.

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