Call of Duty has lost tens of millions of active players

Activision is one of the world’s largest game publishers, but now fresh figures show the company’s latest financial report that their games are losing more and more active players. In fact, Activision collectively lost over 30 million monthly active players over the past year.

The case was first discussed by Kotaku.

The number of “monthly active users” (MAUs) for Activision games has fallen from a peak of 150 million in March 2021, to 127 million in June last year and now down to 94 million in the same period this year. This is the first time this figure is below 100 million since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile in 2019.

How is Warzone doing?


Call of Duty is another key word here. It is believed that the lion’s share of the monthly players originate from the Call of Duty series – distributed across Mobile, Warzone and the various annual editions – and it is natural to believe that this is also where most of the defections have taken place.

The series’ newest entry, Call of Duty: Vanguard, as you know, sold less than Activision wanted and expectedand this has clearly affected the player numbers somewhat.

Beyond this, everything from Warzone’s popularity and natural trends, to relaxations in corona measures – and thus fewer people spending a lot of time indoors – can be attributed some of the blame, but the truth is probably a good mix of this and more.

Elsewhere in the report, it appears that Blizzard’s player numbers are fairly even, while the mobile game department King also sees a small drop in the number of players.

The trend is downward.

Activision Blizzard/Kotaku

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