Call of Duty Vanguard: campaign gets epic new trailer

Activision has thought of Call of Duty fans who are already stamping their feet while waiting for Vanguard, and unveils its new trailer for campaign mode.

If there’s one thing the Call of Duty franchise is known for, it’s showmanship. An observation that is confirmed once again today. After the preview of the multiplayer mode then the ten minutes of gameplay, it is now the main story which is illustrated in the very last trailer to date. Activision thus introduces us to Sergeant Arthur Kingsley, narrator of this trailer, which offers us a taste of his brothers and sisters in arms.

We discover the members of the Vanguard, an elite unit whose objective was to strike Berlin. In the universe of this new Call of Duty : Vanguard, the German capital is the nerve center of the enemy faction, clearly inspired by Germany of the 1940s. The opportunity to cross paths with Hermann Wenzel Freisinger, head of this new regime and architect of the mysterious “Phoenix project”.

A colorful squad

The first of them, Lucas, is the archetypal wrecker with a temper as explosive as his bombs. At first glance, he looks a lot like the designated troublemaker in the script; presented as having “ problems with authority”, We can actually observe him massaging the brow bone of his supervisor. Wadehe is a fighter pilot; a real ace who seems to experience a pleasure proportional to the dangerousness of his maneuvers. We see him get his footing by brushing against a cliff at high speed … a pirouette that his pursuer has obviously not managed to respond.

We also find Polina, the Soviet sniper that we followed during the 10 minutes of gameplay at the end of last August. This relentless slayer seems particularly taciturn; we know she is animated by a burning desire for revenge, without however knowing the target of her anger. But in view of the context, we imagine that this will certainly have a connection with the atrocities of the war. The quartet of elite troufions is completed by Richard, inseparable sidekick of Sergeant Kingsley.

Over time, the tension becomes more and more palpable; but there are a few weeks left before the title is released. Before being able to answer the call of duty and trudge in these grandiose settings, it will therefore still be necessary to take your troubles patiently. Fortunately, Activision has already announced that it still has some material in stock. We can therefore count on the studio to give us news before November 5 … especially with regard to the famous mode Zombie, on which we still cruelly lack information.

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