Call of the Wild: The Angler Review – Petri Fail!

Enjoy fresh air, the vastness of nature and become one with yourself. Yes, Fishing is freedom, fishing is life! But “what the fish”, what do the people look like here, why aren’t the fish biting and what’s going on with the water? It could be so beautiful, but the thought comes to mind that the facade of the Golden Ridge Reserve only to distract from the fact that there is no fishing paradise here. A vacation report.

To start from Call of the Wild: The Angler First, let’s create a character. The editor isn’t extensive and the character model looks like it’s silently screaming for help. One of two selectable hairstyles later we arrive at the park. Luckily we can buy a few clothes there to add a pinch of individuality. We are greeted by the robust park ranger Clayton David Johnson, who tells us in his pleasant storyteller’s voice what there is to do – apart from fishing. We get suspicious because we didn’t actually come by to climb 22 towers, examine dangerous plants or find any coins.

The quirky shopkeeper Sophia Taylor, on the other hand, has more interesting tasks for us, at least they involve fishing. We already have our first rod with us, so let’s start the float fishing tutorial. This means classic fishing with hook and bait. It is important to note which hook size is suitable for which bait.

An idyll for anglers, at least visually.

Source: PC Games

Float fishing is explained very well and we can buy everything we need in Sophia’s shop. A look at the manual is worthwhile, here the somewhat poor twelve species of fish are listed, where they are and what their favorite food is. From the classic compost worm to sausages and marshmallows, there is a lot to try.

The ejection is uncomplicated. We set the strength of the drag on the spool and the depth of the bait up to 1.40 meters. The standard coil has a very weak brake. This means that if a fish is stronger than the spool and drag and keeps pulling on the line, it will be difficult to catch it. In any case: As soon as a fish bites, it rings. Then we have to move in at the right moment and the animal is hooked. Some fish demanded a lot from us!

An introduction to teeth grinding

The tutorial then sends us to the nearest jetty where we can call the boat at any time. The boat moves strangely, as if a child were pulling the cord, this is how we move across the water. So we slide to the place in the lake marked on the map where we should catch a largemouth bass. With basic starting equipment and a good mood, we started the tutorial to catch our first fish and learn the basic mechanics. Who would have thought that there would already be frustration!

The fish bite well at the position, but hauling in proves impossible because the starting line is too thin and breaks every time. So, after a good ten tries, we return to the shopkeeper to find that we don’t have the money to buy a stronger line. So we were on our own. Human and nature.

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