Camargue: salt ravages vines

Camargue: salt ravages vines


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M. Martel, E. Sizarols, O. Pergament Drone images: Julien Noto – France 3

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In the Camargue, the vines are burned by the salt. It is a direct consequence of global warming and drought. So winegrowers are very worried about their future.

Like burned, almost desert. At the seaside, in the Camargue, 80% of the vines that grow in the sand are burned by the salt. Winegrowers can only see the extent of the damage. At the moment, the salt present naturally in the soil is clogging the roots of the vines. Normally, fresh water acts as a barrier, but with drought and global warming, there is no more water and therefore no more protection.

By the August harvest, it is still too early to announce the losses already, but last year, 600 hectares out of 3,000 were eaten away by salt. To save this heritage, Robert Craustmayor (CVD) Grau-du-Roi (gard)perhaps has the solution with a lock. Fresh water, once in the channel,will infiltrate in the ground and will remove the salt from it. The disaster comes at a time when the Camargue vines are about to obtain the protected designation of origin.

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