Cami Homs gave her opinion on Rodrigo De Paul’s performance in the Argentina match and on the criticism of Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs gave her opinion on Rodrigo De Paul’s performance in the Argentina match and on the criticism of Tini (Video: El Trece)

The defeat by 2 to 1 of the Argentina soccer team before his pair of Saudi Arabia in the first match of the World Cup in Qatar sparked all kinds of comments: that the proposal of the technical director lionel scaloni It was not adequate, that the Arabs played better, that the physical condition of some Albiceleste players was not at its best, that such a fan is “mufa”. Some even went much further and pointed against Tini Stoessel for the poor performance of her boyfriend, Rodrigo DePaul.

In this situation, the word of camila homs -former wife and mother of the children of the creative midfielder of the Argentine team and Atlético de Madrid- was highly sought after and in Show Partners (El Trece) got his testimony.

“I saw the game at home, in bed, drinking mates, very calm,” he said Homs before the consultation of how he lived the meeting. “It was a pity (the defeat), but I lived it calmly, watching a game of the national team,” she minimized.

camila homs
camila homs

“Did you talk to Rodri? Did you read the criticisms that were made of him that pointed to tini as responsible for his performance in the match?” the chronicler asked him. “I didn’t look at the networks, really. People are bad, ”he simply said Camila. “They treated her as a mufa”, insisted the note about the link between the singer and the soccer player. “Sure, poor girl…” Homs added with a nervous giggle that suggested more than his words.

And then he closed the topic: “I’m not going to talk about it, everything is fine. It seems to me that she (for tini) has nothing to do with it, it’s part of the game, which can go well or go wrong,” he said.

The bad times seem to have been left behind in the life of camila homs. After his troubled separation from Rodrigo dePaul And of all the situations that she had to go through along the way, today the model is calm, with many work and personal projects.

As she prepares to go to Qatar so that her children Francesca and Baptist can accompany her father, Camila faces new job challenges and was tempted to host a cooking show, an activity that she has been passionate about for a long time.

In the program the evening of ninethe cycle that goes on Saturdays on the screen of channel nine, was a guest and elaborated on her new activity. The model will be one of the hosts of cookthe gastronomy cycle of The thirteen and although for a long time Homs He shares his love for cooking on an Instagram account that he created especially for this purpose, now he will undertake it professionally.

Camila Homs spoke of her separation from Rodrigo de Paul: “Without my children I would not have been able to move on”

However, despite having been able to overcome the anguish caused by the separation from her ex-partner, Camila still finds it difficult to talk about it without getting emotional. “For me my children are everything. Without them, the truth is that I would not have been able to move on, seeing their faces at those moments gave me the strength I needed, ”she said, deeply moved.

Through tears, Camila assured that she loves the facet of being a mother. “I feel that my one and a half year old is about fifteen, I give them freedom to grow and be happy,” said De Paul’s ex-partner.

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