Camilla Parker Bowles makes an unexpected donation to children’s associations

Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of King Charles III, must prove herself as the new figurehead of the British royal family. What better way to win the friendship of the people than to be generous? Thursday November 24, 2022, she went to meet children’s associations with her arms full of gifts…

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The Queen consort has a heart that big. Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of King Charles III, made a decision that delighted hundreds of little Britons. While the country is just recovering from its emotions after the disappearance of Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, the succession is being organized and the least we can say is that the next resident of Buckingham emerges brilliantly by attracting the sympathy of the younger generation. Camilla has indeed made good use of the gifts placed in front of the various royal residences, in homage to the late monarch: flowers, candles, little words and above all… teddy bears.

Paddington symbol of the Queen’s mourning

And not just any teddy bears: this is the iconic Paddington teddy bear. Dressed in his blue duffle coat and his red hat, he is a symbol of the British monarchy who will even appear alongside the Queen in a humorous video for one of his last public appearances. The plush thus embodies royal mourning and nearly a thousand of them were collected in the streets of the country. What would become of these cubs? The family decided and it was the former Duchess of Cornwall who took charge. After Buckingham announced they were giving away the stuffed animals”to the works dedicated to the children of the Barnardo’s association”, the distribution took place this Thursday, November 24, 2022.

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Distribution of cubs: “Take good care of them

Taking over from her mother-in-law as patron of the charity, Camilla Parker-Bowles visited a London nursery with Bonneville and Madeleine Harris, two actors who played Mr Brown and Judy in the recent Paddington films. On the program: site visit, reading workshop, “bear picnic” made up of marmalade sandwiches – the little hero’s signature snack – and donation of more than a thousand of the famous toys, cleaned beforehand. “It was a pleasure to find a home for these bears. Take good care of them“said the Queen consort before stepping down. We bet the promise will be kept.

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