Camilla’s decision creates headlines – ditching Elizabeth’s favourite

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Consort Camilla

Now Camilla has made a decision that concerns something Queen Elizabeth held very close to her heart.

Soon it will be three months since Queen Elizabeth left the earthly life after 70 years of faithfulness to the throne. She lived to be 96 years old and left a big void.

Although her role will never truly be replaced, King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are doing their utmost to keep Britain’s beloved royal house together. And even today the traces of Elizabeth’s greatness are felt.

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Tough start for Camilla

Elizabeth was royal to the tips of her fingers. She never hesitated, and in many ways became an example for monarchs around the world. Her time on the throne was not easy, but Elizabeth handled scandal and darkness with finesse.

There are few who can compare to Queen Elizabeth, and when she passed away, many wondered how the British royal family would pick the pieces back up.

For King Charles and Queen Camilla, the Queen’s death meant an immediate shift – up to the throne. A duty he had certainly prepared for all his life. For Camilla, it has come a bit more unexpectedly.

After all, she was initially Charles’s mistress, and became a party to a terrible triangle drama with Princess Diana and Charles in the middle.

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It happens with Elizabeth’s bears

Camilla handles her new job with flying colours. She represents her royal house with a straight back, as if she has done nothing else. This week there was also a historic day on the agenda: the first state visit hosted by the royal couple.

It’s not all glitz and glamor for Camilla, who has a lot to stand for as queen consort. And now she has been forced to make a decision about something Elizabeth held close to her heart.

When she passed away, hundreds of Paddington Bears were placed outside the castle, to honor her memory. The little figure was a real favorite with Elizabeth, and is often associated with her.

But what would become of them now? Camilla took hold of the matter with a touching gesture, which among other things People wrote about. The teddy bears were transported in cars to Barnardo’s children’s charity, a kind of aid activity for children who have been harmed

Think how nice that the joy can be passed on – in Elizabeth’s honor!

A man stands with a basket full of Paddington bears that Queen consort Camilla is to hand out

The bears were of course washed and ready for their new lives.

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Queen consort Camilla with two Paddington bears in her hand that she is going to give away.

There was no shortage of bears to hand out!


Queen consort Camilla eats a marmalade sandwich with a Paddington bear in her lap

Paddington’s favorite – marmalade sandwich!


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