Camucha Negrete: “Although I took extreme care of myself, I caught Covid-19, but because I was vaccinated, everything was very mild”

The outstanding actress Camucha Negrete surprised her followers by revealing that she became one of the statistics of those infected by the coronavirus. In a video posted on her social networks, the artist told all the details of her experience with COVID-19. “I am already recovering, I have been ill, but it is an experience that I want to share with all those who follow me, and those who do not, please tell them why it is important,” says Negrete.

“Please get vaccinated, thank God I am, but I got it, it was in a taxi that they sent me, it must have been there because it is the only place I was alone. I stop with my granddaughters, with my grandchildren and they are constantly taking tests to rule out any contagion, they take care of themselves for us, because they protect their grandparents. I got contaminated even though I complied with all the protocols and we take care of ourselves to the extreme “says the artist.

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Negrete, a very believing woman, thanks God that the disease passed through her body in a mild way. “I hardly felt it because I have both vaccines, it was like a very mild flu that lasted two days, the fever did not go above 38 and my saturation never dropped below 97. The only thing that gives you is a little panic because you don’t know what is going to happen to you, but my doctors recommended me to be very calm and I dedicated myself to reading “says the actress.

The also television host and today an active user of Instagram and Facebook celebrates that today he has overcome the evil that still plagues the world. “I have two great doctors who were aware of me and gave me confidence, I tell them that I have only taken paracetamol and eight days have passed and I am already cured. I never infected anyone, my viral load was very low because I am vaccinated and I repeat it again, please get vaccinated “, Negrete ends.

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