CAN 2021: CAF is worried, Cameroon is hanging on

Lately, many rumors have circulated about the postponement of the next African Cup of Nations, scheduled for Cameroon.

Indeed, the country which is supposed to organize this continental tournament does not seem ready. The scenario produced in 2019 is likely to repeat itself this January 2022, when Cameroon gave up, at the last minute, to host this important African football event. At the time, the African Football Confederation then designated Egypt for this purpose.

Today, these rumors are resurfacing. The African Football Confederation (CAF) has confirmed that Cameroon is unable to organize the next African Cup of Nations.

In a statement made public, CAF expressed its deep concern about Cameroon’s ability to host CAN next January, where the latter did not rule out the transfer of the competition from Cameroon to Qatar.

In the same context, the same source also indicated that the Olympic Stadium, which will host the opening of the said competition, has not yet been equipped.

Cameroon responds to CAF

For its part, Cameroon did not fail to respond to the rumors disseminated against it, accusing it of not being ready to host the great football event on the continent, the African Cup of Nations.

The country’s response was made by a group of photographers, who explained, via photos of the Olympic Stadium, the state of its preparation, its structures and the pitch of some other stadiums that will be the scene of the matches of the tournament. These photos clearly show that said Stadium is able to host official CAN matches.

In addition, it is also useful to remember that the competition of the African Cup of Nations was won, in its last edition in 2019 in Egypt, by the Algerian national team, which still keeps a sacred series of invincibility, which has 33 unbeaten games so far.

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