Can Colo Colo be champion? Jaime Pizarro responds

Today Colo Colo is going through a good time that has him at the top of the 2021 National Championship standings. A situation that has everyone happy, both fans and players.

That is why Jaime Pizarro, in conversation with the program La Redgoleta de Redgol, spoke of the current colocolino and was consulted in the first instance about the hiring of a 9.

“In this I think there is an impression that indeed those who are there on a daily basis see a need to enrich Colo Colo and based on that they make the decisions and of course the involvement of a player. From that one always tries to see the teams with options and alternatives “, he detailed.

He further added that, “We must also bear in mind that in the last time the teams have had a difficulty, this whole issue of pandemic added issues of injuries. Before the pandemic there were 3 substitutions for parties and now there are 5. According to that you have to see alternatives”.

He also followed thoroughly with the issue at hand. “In any squad, mixing is always necessary, the ability to take over and of course players who have the ability and experience are always welcome from within any team. I insist, this must be qualified and effectively with young players, more than sometime in the team history Colo Colo had to appeal to young players “, express.

Jaime Pizarro in Colo Colo

Finally, he answered the question if Colo Colo has to be champion. “We are in a completely narrow championship. Unión La Calera continues to add, the universities are there, an Everton that made a fruitful run in terms of points. The championship is attractive and Colo Colo has potential and capacity. It is going to be a narrow tournament”, he sentenced.

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