Can customers already consume the ‘canchita’ and other foods in the movie theaters of the country?

Cinemas in Peru they resumed operations last August. To try to recover part of the losses generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in the sector launched their plans with the screening of films and the sale of food and beverages to take home.

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However, some places would already be allowing the consumption of products such as the field within the same rooms, according to some users of social networks.

What do the sanitary regulations say?

The Ministry of Production (Produce) issued Ministerial Resolution No. 408-2020 in December 2020, authorizing the reopening of cinemas under a strict sanitary protocol to be complied with.

Among the general conditions of the document, the basic provision 7.1.12 specifically says that “the consumption of food or beverages will not be allowed in movie theaters.”

This newspaper contacted Produce in order to find out if there was any modification to this rule, but they assured that there were no changes and the measures are still in force, so any breach of this protocol must be supervised by the municipality where the conference room operates. cinema.

Therefore, in case any of the film companies are allowing the consumption of food within their facilities, it would be doing so illegally.

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When will you be able to consume food in theaters?

As this newspaper learned, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and Produce have been exchanging opinions on the convenience of authorizing the consumption of food and beverages in movie theaters. However, there is still no agreement to establish measures through a new protocol.

An attempt was also made to contact the National Association of Cinematographic Theaters (Anasaci) in order to find out any news in this regard, but no response was obtained.


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