“Can have very big consequences for, among other things, agriculture”

In northwestern Spain, around 500 firefighters are fighting in 40-degree heat to gain control of huge forest fires. In France, heat records for June have already been broken in eleven areas. During the weekend it was 37 degrees in Paris.

The extreme heat has moved further west and is now setting in Italy. There you are currently experiencing the worst drought in 70 years.

– Lombardy is one of the regions that has been hit hardest. There are several regions, especially here in northern Italy, that have not seen rain in over three months, says Jennifer Wegerup.

She is currently in the coastal city of Marcelli in eastern Italy.

– It is bad in several ways. Not least, it is bad because the large river Po has an extremely low water level, and it can have very large consequences for, among other things, agriculture. Water levels are historically low, not just in Po.

Listen to SVT: Italy correspondent tell more in the video above.

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How long does the heat wave last? Hear when SVT’s meteorologist answers questions about the extreme heat. Photo: SVT

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