Can one justify spending 7400 kroner on a gaming chair?

I am currently in the process of moving into a new apartment, and am in full screw-up mode. Shelves, tables, benches, chairs, curtains and lamps. You know. The wardrobe from IKEA, which comes in almost 27 separate cardboard boxes, has been enjoying itself on the terrace for a few days.

My office will be a proper gaming room, and in that sense it was good timing that German Backforce contacted us to test their new gaming chair One Plus.

This gave me a little breather from the boundless irritation over the lousy gaming desk I bought that is about as stable as jelly, and which sends vibrations through my screens that would register high on the Richter scale. And that allows me to postpone the nightmare dream from Sweden for a while longer.

We usually say no to such offers, but a bit of the pitch for Backforce is to criticize the OEM design that most gaming chairs use. Corsair, Dxracer, Acer and others mostly use the same parts from a factory in China, and there are thousands of these chairs in Norwegian homes.

This also happens to be my office.

So I became curious. Is it worth spending a few extra bucks on a tailor-made, German gaming chair, or is my well-used Dxracer Racing Pro R131 more still enough?

Resilient price

All components of the chair are manufactured in Germany. This means that Backforce means that one should choose their chair against the myriad of OEM products on the market.

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Backforce One Plus is expensive. The German chair manufacturer allows you to choose between twelve different colors, and you can decide for yourself what should be on the labels on top of the chair. Therefore, one must, for example, order through their online store, then for the neat sum of 7400 kroner including VAT.

That’s more than twice as much as I paid for my Dxracer chair.

The difference in quality is significant. The core in the back of the One Plus is built of wood, while the seat, lumbar support and armrest are upholstered in velor. The feet are made of aluminum and the rest is upholstered in leather with a seam in the color you like.

My plastic chair does not have as much as it should have said. Backforce also offers a 10-year guarantee, so here you are guaranteed a product that will last for many years to come.

An ocean of possibilities

The build quality is one thing, but comfort is after all the main reason to buy a gaming chair. Backforce One Plus offers a whole bunch of adjustment options to provide the best sitting position.

The chair is built for people between 45 and 130 kilos, and works best for those who are between 151 and 192 centimeters tall.

As one of the country’s least handy people, I appreciated that things are as simple as possible. The chair was ready for use after just under half an hour of screwing.

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You can sit still on the height of the entire chair, tilt the seat up and down, adjust the seat lengthwise, still on the back – both whole and limited to the lower back and more. The armrest can of course stand still in height, length and width, but it can also be laid completely down behind the back.

There are a lot of buttons and levers to choose from. Some of the adjustments are so gradual that it is difficult to know what you are actually asking for, so it is good to take a look at the instructions for use to get an overview.

The chair has a more tasteful design than many of the OEM chairs have. But he is not very anonymous. This oozes gaming a long way.

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There are not many chairs that allow you to adjust the lumbar support both horizontally and vertically, or change the seat depth. Still, I struggle to find the optimal sitting position, because the adjustment steps on the back and seat depth are so large that I, well, fold a little between two chairs here.

The way the chair is set up, you almost never touch the headrest at all, and it did not cope with my neck in the beginning. But this is mostly about getting used to. After two years with a racing seat, where most of the support comes around the back of the shoulders, instead of the lower back, I do not think the chair was particularly good to sit in. It changes after a few days.

However, the comfort level is not significantly higher than with the cheap chair. In fact, on the contrary. I think the Dxracer chair is better to sit in, and the same seems to several others who have been given a trial seat here at home.

The main reason for this is that the seat is much shorter on the Backforce One Plus than the Dxracer chair.


So, would I burn 7,000 kroner on a gaming chair?


Here you can of course get more for your money by buying a completely ordinary office chair, but for obvious reasons it is not so interesting for us at

There is no doubt that the build quality of the Backforce One Plus is eminent, and the chair is comfortable when you get used to it, but honestly I do not think the comfort level is any better than with the chair I have now. I like the former better. And so does my bank account, as the chair cost me 2,700 on the floor.

The velor cover is comfortable to sit on. But what matters most for comfort is that the manufacturer has used two different materials inside the seat. The seat is softer below the knee than at the back, to provide better support.

Mikkjell Lønning /

I do not feel I need all the adjustment options Backforce One Plus offers. For those with back problems, I probably think the chair is worth the money and well so be it, but I myself simply do not have the need. I do not think most others have, either.

We did not see a grade in this test.

For example, I do not have all the world with a basis for comparison, so we have to try a few more chairs before we see character.

Backforce One Plus is an excellent chair for those who want to be able to tailor every smallest function to get the best sitting position – make sure you have a body that fits the steps on the settings. It’s probably a bit random. is a commercial partner of They provide updated prices, price warnings and product information. You can read more about the Price Guide here »

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