Canada: a young Algerian dies tragically in Montreal

Road accidents claimed several victims this summer in Algeria, but also abroad. In Canada, the road safety record shows more than 400 deaths recorded during the last six years. And this, following road accidents.

In the same wake, on Tuesday, September 20 evening, a young Algerian living in Montreal succumbed to his injuries. And gave up his soul after being hospitalized for about a month at the city hospital. Leaving, thus, behind him, his little family.

Indeed, aged 15, young Mehdi was the victim of a traffic accident on August 14, causing him serious injuries. In particular, a head trauma, 3rd and 4th degree burns on approximately 45% of the parts of his body.

Hospitalized in intensive care at the Montreal hospital, in an artificial coma. The medical specialists at this establishment carried out several surgeries. And this, to try to save the life of the young Mehdi, but in vain.

A kitty for the funeral of young Mehdi

As his family wants, the body of young Mehdi will not be repatriated to Algeria. He will be buried in Montreal, his city of residence. This painful news quickly made the rounds of social networks. Indeed, through several comments, Internet users, but also the Algerian diaspora in Canada, did not hesitate to express their support for the family of the deceased.

As a reminder, during the hospitalization of the Algerian Mehdi, the Algerian community in Montreal launched an online kitty. And this, to cover all the costs of treatment and hospitalization of this teenager. However, following the death of this young Algerian, this kitty (click here) will be paid to the family of the deceased to cover all expenses related to the organization of Mehdi’s funeral.

In addition, the remaining funds will be used as Sadaqa Jariya for the soul of young Mehdi, specify Mehdi’s relatives in the appeal launched on the web.

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