Cande Ruggieri was exposed: her father revealed an intimate secret

Oscar Ruggeri was, like every day, in the football program with Sebastián Vignolo to discuss the plays, successes and the closing of the League tournament. However, before ending the cycle, he revealed that his daughter, Cande Ruggerishe is pregnant.

While they were talking about fatherhood, Sebastián “El Pollo” Vignolo promoted an advertising spot in which Oscar acts with his daughter Cande Ruggeri, The former world champion soccer player revealed that he will become a grandfather for the third time: “The third is coming, I don’t know if it could be said, but I’m going to be a grandfather,” he exclaimed and caused everyone present to laugh at the possibility that the model would challenge him for telling the news ahead of time.

Source: (Argentina Minute)

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