Candice (Koh-Lanta) reveals the consequences on her health following her participation in the game of TF1

In Jeremstar’s Instagram story, Candice Boisson, which we will find in Koh-Lanta, the legend, the AllStars version of the TF1 game, revealed the fairly serious consequences on his health of his three appearances on the show.

On August 24, fans of Koh-Lanta will find the elite of adventurers in a new edition All Stars of survival game. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the program, twenty seasoned candidates have agreed to take part in the adventure once again. Among them are in particular Clémence Castel, who is the only one to date to have won twice, Claude Dartois, who has already announced that this season will be his last, Sam, Coumba, or Laurent Maistret.

The candidates of the All-Stars edition over-prepared?

And if Cindy Poumeyrol had confided in her very particular preparation for this new edition, amusing her subscribers a lot, Freddy had detailed her training, much more sporty. The candidate from the north of France, and who already has four seasons to his credit without unfortunately winning on the clock, trained for 810 hours to complete this challenge. “I’ve been training for 27 months, waiting to be called to come back”, he reveals. “I signed up for a bootcamp, a preparation camp with ex-military, for two months. After that I continued with mountain biking, running and swimming. I arrived with in mind the desire to be the strongest, a machine! “, he explained. This August 18 is Candice Boisson (Koh-Lanta, the treasure island, Koh-Lanta: the fight of the heroes) who spoke, through her friend Jeremstar, whom she had met on the set of Fort Boyard, on the blogger’s Instagram story.

Heavy consequences on health

We know, after an extraordinary adventure like Koh-Lanta, the participants have a hard time recognizing themselves when they are confronted with their image, after several days of survival. For many, it is especially their weight loss that is the most shocking. For the 24-year-old adventurer, who met the one who now shares her life, Jérémy, during her first adventure, the consequences on her participations are rather terrible, as she confided to Jeremstar. While some Internet users have wondered if she was expecting a happy event, Candice had to make an update. “When we go to Koh-Lanta, we lose a lot of weight, but when we come back, we take back doubleshe revealed, specifying that she is today “to + 5 kilos of (his) usual weight“. But that’s not all, Candice especially revealed that she was losing her hair, after each participation.”I am losing my hair … The undersides of Koh-Lanta, when we come home, the body morsles so much that … I have bites, three times a week, so as not to lose them“, and add:”It did that to me the three times, three Koh-Lanta, each time I lose my hair, I regain double the weight … Horror!“, she judged.

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