Candidates react to the suspension of Daniel Quintero

The Attorney General’s Office announced that it opened a disciplinary investigation and provisionally suspended Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero and other mayors for “participation in politics.”

In the midst of the debate on the economic management of the country in “The Debate of unpopular issues”, which is broadcast from the auditorium of the Colegio Las Bethlemitas in Bogotá, through the live signal from Radius Snail, the W Y channel one

to the candidates Sergio Fajardo, Rodolfo Hernandez and Federico Gutierrez They were asked about their opinion on the decision of Attorney General Margarita Cabello to suspend the mayor of Medellín and other leaders. These were their responses:

Rodolfo Hernandez: “It is pure politicking, it is biased to favor one candidate”

Federico Gutierrez: “I am respectful of the decisions of the institutions”

Serge Fajardo: “It cannot be that the attorney is the president’s co-worker and then becomes attorney.” “The president has participated in politics.” “The investigative capacity of the Attorney General’s Office is very particular because of the decision of who is investigated.”

Follow the debate live:

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