Cannabis approval, climate protection and Hartz IV: This is what the youth associations of the traffic light parties say about the coalition agreement

July boss Franziska Brandmann sees her association as the driving force behind the FDP.Image: dpa / Marvin A. Ruder

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Martin Niewendick

This Thursday, exactly 19 years ago, Stefan Raab and singer Shaggy published the stoner hymn “Give the hemp free”.

It took a whole teenage life to pass before the then utopian-sounding demand became a reality: In the coalition agreement of the SPD, Greens and FDP the “controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for pleasure purposes” is laid down.

Juli boss Brandmann: “Legalization of cannabis is a milestone in liberal social policy”

The youth organization of the FDP. July boss Franziska Brandmann said in response to a request from watson: “The legalization of cannabis in Germany is a milestone in liberal social policy.”

In 2015, your association “played a key role in getting the Free Democrats to take this step”. They are happy to see that the legalization of cannabis is a concrete project of the next federal government, says Brandmann. “It confirms that we will continue to work as the driving force behind the Free Democrats over the next few years.”

The Liberals promise increased tax revenues through a drug release.

The Liberals promise increased tax revenues through a drug release.Image: dpa / Christian Beutler

In the FDP, the decriminalization of the drug has long had many fans. Last but not least, this has financial reasons, as a tweet by the FDP Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania shows in mid-November. The party expects a total of 4.7 billion euros in tax revenue from a release. The basis for the calculation is a Study by the German Hemp Association.

July boss Franziska Brandmann also has criticism of the coalition agreement of the traffic light parties. “When it comes to relieving the burden on small and medium-sized incomes, the traffic light could develop a little more drive in the next few years“she says watson.

But you recognize the different views and interests of the coalition partners. “The decoupling of the EEG surcharge from the electricity tax, higher mini and mid-job limits and the increased saver flat-rate contribution are a good start.”

Green youth criticize social policy

The Green Youth responded to watson’s request with a general statement on the coalition agreement. This “does not yet do justice to social needs”. That applies above all to the social area, writes federal spokeswoman Sarah-Lee Heinrich. The fact that the Hartz IV standard rate does not increase is “fatal”.

The federal spokespersons of the Green Youth Sarah-Lee Heinrich and Timon Dzienus.

The federal spokespersons of the Green Youth Sarah-Lee Heinrich and Timon Dzienus. Image: dpa-Zentralbild / Bodo Schackow

It looks better with topics such as the deletion of Paragraph 219 a, which so far has made “advertising for the termination of pregnancy” a punishable offense. The abolition of the transexual law and a reform of the nationality law are also positive.

The Green Youth also sees climate policy as a success. “Years of pressure on the streets for climate justice are having an impact,” the statement said. The massive expansion of renewable energies, the exit from coal in 2030 and the exit from the internal combustion engine are “great successes of the climate movement and the Greens”.

Jusos: “We are finally standing by the immigration country”

The Jusos left a request for a statement on Wednesday unanswered. On Twitter, however, Federal Chairman Jessica Rosenthal is also happy about the legalization of cannabis.

Further tweets she: “The entry into the training guarantee is coming, we finally stand by the country of immigration and that everyone can love and live as they want.”

The coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the Greens presented in Berlin on Wednesday SPD has yet to be confirmed by the respective parties. On the first weekend in December, party conferences of social democrats and liberals take place. The Greens members decide on the agreement in a ballot.

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