Cantinflas was a fan of the 'Águilas' (Photo: Club America)

“Cantinflas” and the mystery of who kept all his fortune

The comedian Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, popularly known as “Cantinflas”is one of the best-known artists in the entire artistic world, and is also the banner of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema during the last century. This generated him to be the protagonist of tapes and films on the big screen. that have lasted to this day. However, thousands of followers still wonder where his million-dollar fortune went. Learn more here.

Far from being forgotten, the myth of “Cantinflas” remains perennial almost 30 years after his death. And it is that for many, the Mexican represents humor in its purest and most talented essence. It is not in vain that he has starred in multiple films such as “El barrendero”, “El minister y yo” or “Around the World”, these being true milestones in Spanish-speaking cinema.

In this sense, the Mexican would have amassed a considerable fortune throughout his career, given his film productions, series, copyright sales, among others.

Cantinflas was a fan of the \’Águilas\’ (Photo: Club America)

“Cantinflas” had 5 houses, branches of beauty salons, artistic collections, a private plane and a ranch of more than 400 hectares, not counting the cars and properties in Acapulco.

But they were not only tangible goods or business projects, but also productions and companies dedicated to cinema such as offices and bull-breeding establishments. A money making machine!


As expected, the family was also involved in the actor’s estate, so Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova, his only son, went to the bank to claim the millionaire inheritance left by Cantiflas.

However, ungrateful was the surprise of the artist’s unborn when he found an empty bank account, to which the bank’s agents and clerks themselves were unable to respond.

After knowing the absence of the millions of “Cantinflas”, his offspring faced a legal battle against one of his cousins, since he claimed that the same actor had given him a large part and share of his assets.

In this regard, Eduardo Moreno Laparade, the artist’s nephew, managed to take the case to court on the issue of film rights on the 39 films made by the actor.

Of the tens of millions that would have been billed on the big screens around the world, they barely managed to find 13 thousand pesos, declared the same

“My father had accounts in Spain, the Cayman Islands, New York and Mexico, and when he died I went to the banks to inform them of the death, to freeze them and make inventories of the inheritance, but the balance of Banamex, where I knew there was like USD 68 or 70 million, we only found 13 thousand new pesos”, He confessed in an interview he gave to El Universal at the end of 2003.

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