Capcom lanza video mostrando la Steam Deck corriendo Devil May Cry 5 a 60fps

It’s time to start hunting some demons while having fun exploring the city. Capcom has released a new video showing how well it works Devil May Cry 5 on Valve’s upcoming handheld console, Steam Deck. Fans will have to prepare for what is to come.

Devil May Cry 5 seems to run at a smooth 60 frames per second (not bad for a portable console) and it doesn’t compromise on game quality either. See how well the powerful little console handles the game. Valve in the video below. Capcom says they are proud of the high quality of the game on the small laptop, this could be important for the future.

It should come as no surprise that the game performs so well on hardware; after all, Valve is reviewing the entire library of Steam for compatibility with Steam Deck and the company notes that it has yet to find a game that the console cannot handle.

It was assumed that Steam Deck would start shipping in December, but it was delayed until February 2022 due to “material shortage”. The hardware is available in three configurations starting at $ 400. If you want to see it play other visually and technically impressive games, how about watching it play The Witcher 3?

Perhaps the game coming to the handheld will make it even more popular: It was a huge success for Capcom at launch, where it racked up an impressive 2 million in sales in two weeks. The launch of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition a year later it also helped.

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