Capcom unveils preview clips of Devil May Cry 5 on Steam Deck

If the players quickest to draw their credit card have already been able to secure their copy of Valve’s Steam Deck, a few handpicked editors are already taking advantage of their new portable console, and are keen to let it be known.

Last month, the mischievous Shuhei Yoshida suddenly reminded us of his status as a lucky winner and the arrival of several first party games on PC, by posting an image of Horizon Zero Dawn running on Steam Deck. Unfortunately for the more technophiles among you, it was then necessary to be satisfied with a simple image. Capcom enters the dance today and offers us a supplement, animated this time.

Among the few showcase titles that could delight the eyes of aesthetes is undoubtedly the PC version of Devil May Cry 5, the latest beat’em all from Osaka. The lead designer of the game Tameem Antoniades was therefore quick to take over one of the Steam Deck prototypes received by Capcom, and unveil a few tens of seconds of portable gameplay.

The video available in our player above therefore offers to admire the plastic of the game via an “over the shoulder” shot that we imagine imposed by the manufacturer, in a montage for the least … fast, since no shot lasts more than a few seconds. These excerpts will still allow you to discover Nero, Dante and Vergil grappling with demons just begging to be scared.

Dark thursday

The trick is multiple, since in addition to passing for a privileged publisher, Capcom cleverly recalls the availability of a good part of its catalog on PC, and takes the opportunity to recall that a consumerism party is currently in full swing on Steam . Indeed, Devil May Cry 5 (and many others) is displayed at a reduced price, just like on the Online Store of Capcom.

Let us remind those who are in a hurry to take advantage of their Steam game library (and their backlog) via one of the models of Steam Deck that the first deliveries were quite recently postponed in extremis to February 2022. This is not very SSStylish.

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