Captain Bermúdez: neighbors prepare birthdays of unfinished works

The residents of Villa El Prado in Capitán Bermúdez are preparing a special birthday. Next month marks one year since the start of the sewer works that the municipal government left unfinished. Impassable streets, mountains of asphalt, sinkholes like war trenches, added to deep craters and mounds of earth and concrete, make this area a lunar odyssey.

“The neighbors found out that this type of work that breaks the pavement is done in 50-meter sections, which open and close so that the ground is not ruined. They came here, broke everything and left it open,” commented a front man from Eva Perón avenue that suffers the consequences on a daily basis.

“Several neighbors hired machines to close what they left open. Because in addition to the fact that it deteriorates permanently and is impassable, it is very dangerous,” they commented. This was done by the façades of Eva Perón avenue and San Lorenzo avenue and those of Rubén Darío and Pellegrini streets.

In front of the magazine kiosk on that corner avenue JB González was left open and it is visibly risky. That without considering the businesses in the area that lost customers due to the impossibility of transiting.

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